Hi everybody! I hope that the holidays have been great and that you can look back at your 2019 with both joy and satisfaction. For us this year has been hectic with many, many ups and downs and it has been a year of learning for the whole team of SIXTEEN - O. We entered this year with newly released collection, the SIGNATURE collection, and were in the early days of building the community that we were striving and still are striving to grow. We released two more collections, COLLECTION 2 and LAST HOPE, and are today in the makings of the releases later this year.

Our core idea for this brand was to create a community and not just be another instagram brand with a nice presentation but not so much more to the name than that. From day one we have wanted to become more then that and really interact with our customers and members of our community.

When these upcoming days mark the end of this year it also marks the beginning of a new one. With new goals, targets and ideas to execute I am very excited to kick 2020 off. The vision that we set from the beginning of this journey might have changed from time to time during this time, but it has never been clearer then it is today. We know where we want to go, where we are going and who we are going there with, which is our community.

We will be releasing more regarding our future plans in the upcoming weeks.

Until then I would like to wish everybody a happy new year and with a wish that your 2020 is even better then 2019!


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