After many months of preparation, almost a year, we are super stoked to announce that our first pieces are out on the market. The three items that has been unpixelated – 16 - 0 Hoodie, 16 – 0 Cap and another of our favorites, The Longsleeve.

These will be the first drop with two more drops on its way with a total of 5 unique pieces. Each piece has been carefully selected and designed by us based on our perception of the world around us right now. Our signature collection will soon grow into rolling drops and as extremely limited pop drops. We’re hoping to offer more and more unique products as we get bigger and better.

We have chosen some of the best materials that we've found along this journey.  Our vision and goal is to be able to offer dope clothes to a broader market than most brands do today but while maintaining quality and comfort.

We just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported us on our journey, and we can’t wait to share our new products and ideas with you very soon. Stay updated on our upcoming news and events here or follow us on Instagram @sixteen_o.

Also, dont forget to check out our campaign movie that has been created with the help of fellow Neverend. You can see it either on the website or our IG.

Great to have you onboard and see you soon comrade.



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