SIXTEEN-O favours it’s own community, we believe that dedication and loyalty is something that has become second handed in this world. We reward those that follow us on our path towards fulfilling our vision. Next collection will be very limited, and those we trust will get first dibs. What that means is that we do a 48 hour pre-drop opening for our community who will receive a password to enter the locked area and a discount code. 

You can apply to become a trusted member of the community, either on the site or by joining our discord channel if you feel social. 

This collection is smaller in quantity than the first one - We wanted to be sure to make something that is unique and rare for our community to hold for the future, that's one of the reasons why we kept it small. Some of the styles we consider really rooted with the brand and we will keep them alive through new versions, for instance the hoodie, which fit we have worked on for a long time to get that perfect combination of a loose fit, the correct, slightly oversized hood with the right look and the kind of heavy, dry feel on the fabric.

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